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Фанфильм по Assassin's Creed: Generations


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Description: A young man seeks revenge against the corrupt DA responsible for tearing his family apart. Anthony Trigilio, Anthony Mecca. Directed by Tom Quigley, produced by Elyssa Cusimano.
Directed by: Tom Quigley


Description: Assassin's Creed: Generations II takes place two years after our protagonist got revenge for his family. Theo, now a full fledged brother in the order of assassins, is sent on his first mission to keep the balance for the world he left behind. But things go from bad to worse as he uncovers a terrible secret and comes face to face with the brotherhood's ancient enemies: The Knights Templar.
Directed by: Tom Quigley


Description: Theo returns in the epic conclusion to the ACG series. Faced with the most important mission of his career, Theo must rediscover what he is fighting for in order to save his captive brother from the clutches of Abstergo Industries and the Knights Templar.
Directed by: Tom Quigley
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