Рун Вульфссон (rhunwolf) wrote in gamer,
Рун Вульфссон

Фанфильм по субботам: Call of Duty

Description: An unofficial tribute to one of our favorite game franchises of all time: Call of Duty. This film was made for the princely sum of $209.42. Now you can finally see what we were working on in the Portal vid!

Hope you enjoy what we've been chugging at here at our loft for the last three days!

Also if you're a super nerd, Spectre gets four kills but he has Hardline equipped. That's why he can call in the Predator missile. Duhhhhh. Also no need to CG fake breath when you're filming at -20 degrees F

Если вы знаете еще фильмы по этой игре, пожалуйста, добавляйте в комментариях.

Description: A COD nerd tries to apply for the military.

Description: Sometime pre-ordering isn't enough.

Description: Harry Potter Nerds and Call of duty Nerds fight to the death.
Tags: .рубрика: игры как искусство, .содержание: видео, call of duty

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