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Рун Вульфссон

Фанфильм по субботам: Doom / Quake (полнометражка)


Description: Arenas is the first of it's kind. A fan animated feature that is based on the popular first person shooters, 'Doom' and 'Quake', by id Software. In 2007, Joe Goss wanted to put out a solid length fan fiction based on Quake and it's gladiators, and by placing Doom as the main hero, he was able to incorporate Doom and id Software's original character of the Hell marine. The project at first was in the realms of machinima, but with the amount of customizing Goss wanted, he decided to pre-render the entire project.

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Tags: .рубрика: игры как искусство, .содержание: видео, doom, quake

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