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Ever wanted to ask something to Yamaoka? now it's your chance!

Задать вопрос для интервью с Акирой Ямаокой можно в оригинале записи.

Оригинал взят у fuxxtothefuture в Ever wanted to ask something to Yamaoka? now it's your chance!
I would like you to have a moment and think about this. Next month I am going to Úbeda to attend Play Fest .
Music Japan Plus will be taking part as staff members, and I am having the chance to interview Akira Yamaoka in person for MJ+. I will cover a full interview, as well as the concert.
Everything is going smoothly now, and I am awaiting for a poll to be posted on MJ+ so that everyone can send me questions smoothly.

So I want you to think about what would you ask to Akira Yamaoka! Now it's your chance!

More info coming soon!
Tags: .игры и люди, .форма: интервью, silent hill

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