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Dragon Age Redemption - Первый эпизод с русскими субтитрами

Описание "Dragon Age: Redemption представляет собой веб-сериал по мотивам серии игр Dragon Age от BioWare. В главной роли — Фелиция Дэй, создательница и актриса веб-сериала The Guild Фелиция Дэй сыграла главную роль эльфийской наемницы Таллис, которая выслеживает сбежавшего мага." (с)

Подробный сюжет (на англ.яз)

"The protagonist, initially referred to as "Athlok", is tasked by her Qunari superiors to apprehend a rogue Saarebas, who was captured and imprisoned in Kirkwall by the templars, but managed to break out of captivity and embarks on a rampage to perform a dark ritual and wreak havoc throughout the world. If she succeeds, she will regain her name and title of "Tallis" (meaning "to solve" in the Qunari language), and be reinstated as a member of the Ben-Hassrath, after being demoted as punishment for previous transgressions. In her quest to find this dangerous mage, Tallis is joined by other companions: a templar named Cairn, who is tracking the Saarebas with his phylactery and later crossed paths with Tallis when trying to hunt down a criminal who helped free the fugitive; Josmael, the First of a Dalish Keeper who was taken away and imprisoned by templars (and later killed by the Saarebas during the prison breakout); and Nyree, a reaver mercenary from Nevarra who was hired by the Saarebas and later double-crossed by the renegade mage."

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